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'Fitmarky your Fitness Buddy'

I help middle age guys get fitter so they can enjoy playing with their kids, wear their favorite t-shirt with confidence as their belly becomes flat, be more energetic daily, and make their wife or fiancée proud with their semi-muscular look and new found strength.


This site is not for guys who wanted to be bodybuilders or athletes in marathons or professional sports. It’s for those guys who are simply looking to get a better fitness as they realized they need to be active to live longer for their family and wanted to enjoy life as much as possible. It’s for those guys who know that if they don’t start taking care of themselves they will die soon.


I solved the guy’s most common problem during their 30’s to late 40’s like low energy to start their day, feeling tired and sleepy every afternoon, low sex drive, unable to control weight gain or the belly is growing. I coach people how to get active by incorporating activities that are suited to their lifestyle. Learn to eat accordingly and mindfully. The right mindset when it comes to exercising and food choices in addition to using different techniques that can help them sustain for the rest of their life.


I was once a smoker since I was 16 years old till the time I got married, as most of the others I tried quitting from time to time but I was having a hard time quitting, until one day my 9 months old son was rushed to hospital,  It scared the hell out of me he was vomiting with non stop diarrhea, when the doctor asked me if there is anyone smoking in the house I felt guilty, at that moment I decided to quit for good I told myself that “ I better man up or else my son will suffer” while I was looking on my sick son lying down in bed. The findings were amoeba infection I was not sure if my smoking was the main cause of his suffering but It was the turning point in my life. I finally quit smoking and started taking care of myself and discover the beauty of running and for the first time in my life I felt better, I was more energetic even I was working 12 hours a day 6 days a week, I managed to run 3km after work and was doing push-ups in the office, I felt great and awesome.


I was so amazed by what I become that I was so passionate about running and told my friends to run with me, along the way as I become fitter I was looking for more exercise routine and I discovered lifting on the gym, My network of people who join me on my weekend run and exercise grew that I found it so fulfilling and that's the beginning of my new found passion of helping people get fitter. I quit my office job and became a Fitness Trainer and from there since 2013, I've been helping guys to live an active lifestyle. As of this moment I’ve managed to help guys get fitter and feel better.

If you are one of those guys who felt like you need to start getting active for the sake of your own health and family, I can help you get started if you are in Kuwait we can sit down for a cup of coffee and talk about it you can contact me in whatsApp anytime at 55158852. I've helped guys started their fitness training after a cup of coffee. Just buy me a coffee and let's see where we can go from there. I train on a personal level and my goal is to hear your side and see if I can give some suggestions and tips so you can decide whether you will start or keep thinking about it.  If I can't help  you  I can refer you to my network of professionals that I believe is suited for your needs. Plus we can still enjoy the coffee.

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