3 common mistakes to avoid getting injuries

“Injuries will affect your shape”

It’s an unfortunate event when someone got injured when trying to get in shape.

There are minor injuries that can be treated and healed by a short period of time, but there are major injuries that could put someone literally out of shape.

In my experience, there are 3 common mistakes that lead to disastrous injuries, I’ve personally experienced them in some degree.

1. Ego

When Ego steps on the way, it’s tempting to see how strong or fast you can get, trying to impress someone, or compete with someone.

2. Lack of sleep

Whenever this aspect is neglected during lifting or training, it’s an instant invitation to injury.

3. Ignorance

There are things that you can learn by yourself and there are things that needs someone’s wisdom and expertise in the field that you’re not sure.

I know people who suffered a disastrous injuries and wish they’ve known better.

The key here is that you can avoid such fate by being aware of these common mistakes.

Enjoy your training guys 😎

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