4 Tips to avoid gaining weight during lockdown.

4 Tips to avoid gaining weight during lockdown.

Today that we are under lockdown protocol due to the pandemic, we all know that to stay inside the house is the safest and most convenient option for us.

We can rest all day. We can, eat on time. We can eat everything that we can see inside our fridge. We can cook our favorite meals. And, we can watch movies all day long.

It sounds fun, right?

For some people, this might be a resounding yes!

But for other people, it is a no. That is because we have different habits and lifestyles.

For example, It's not that hard for fitness enthusiasts to adjust to the situation. They can manage it well and will find a way to be active even under these circumstances.

But my concern is for people who are just starting to be fit and healthy, those who can't manage to workout without a trainer or coach in person and people who are still working from home.

If you feel you are one of these people, the following tips are for you!

1. Manage Stress Level

Avoid over-thinking things that are not yet happening, lessen the time watching news on TV to avoid negativity.

If you can, take a walk around your backyard or stay there for 15 to 30 minutes without a phone. Just breathe and clear up your mind.

You can aslo talk to someone you're close with.

You can do this in person or if that's not possible, you can get in touch with them over the phone or online.

You can also do some activities together with your loved ones. This can distract you from over-thinking and can decrease the intensity of your stress.

The key is to minimize stress / anxiety as much as you can.

2. Workout Consistency

A workout doesn't need to be intense all the time!

A short burst of heart-pounding activity or a simple workout at home is more than enough to get the benefits of exercise.

If you don't have any gym equipment at home, be resourceful, Use Google or Youtube. Search for workout videos, that don't need equipment. Or list down a set of simple movements that you can execute in your house.

Another option is to download a fitness app to help you on your fitness goals. If possible, look for an app that can customize the workout depending on your needs and includes an Accountability Group - group of people pursuing fitness who can keep you accountable on your fitness journey. Both of these features can be found in the Fitmarky app.

The most important thing is doing more active routines that you like. Don't just exercise or do things because someone told you so, it's more effective if you enjoy those activities and do them willingly.

3. Smart Strategy In Eating/Drinking

Temptation sometimes is too powerful to ignore.

You are not alone!

A lot of us got easily tempted by our favorite food.

Try this strategy with your meal: Stop at 80% full.

Our brain doesn't know the difference between HUNGER and THIRST, but our brain often makes us think that we are "HUNGRY,"

I have another tip for you: Drink water first when you feel that you’re hungry, There is a high probability that you are just thirsty. After drinking, wait for 15 minutes, then evaluate if you are still hungry. If you are really hungry, then you can eat. But remember to stop when you’re 80% Full.

4. Sleep Management

If you can't manage a good quality pattern, you will gain unnecessary fats in your body. You will feel sluggish, which will affect your performance the next day.

To have a good sleep, stick to your bedtime and waking hours.

Trouble sleeping? Minimize your screen time at night. Reduce caffeine intake. Take melatonin supplements or drink almond milk.

Still finding it hard to sleep? Ask for help from your family doctor.

Working on the night shift? Darken your room as much as you can when you sleep during day time.

These are just a few things you can do to ensure that you don't gain more weight during this lockdown situation.

And these tips are also good for your mental health.

I have been able to help my clients manage their weight with the use of my fitness coaching app.

If you want to make sure you have a good workout while at home, get the Fitmarky app here! I can give you a free 7-day access to try it.

Hurry, we only have 5 slots left!

What activities are you doing that helps you active and keep fit during these days? Comment below.

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