How to stay motivated in the gym?

Lift Happy

On this blog, I like to share tips on how to stay motivated with your gym life.

If you’re already at the gym lifting weights or joining classes let me congratulate you. You have made a big step in taking care of your health and body.

Going to the gym is quite challenging when you are already exhausted from your workplace, imagine picking up weights and pressing that up and down is not that easy. This is where motivation should kick in to overcome that feeling.

Are you feeling this? One of the hardest parts of this new journey is the first few weeks or months as this could affect your daily routine but once you’ve established the habits, a flat tummy or getting ready for summer is one step away.

To assure that you are going to achieve your fitness goals consistency is the key as one of my mentors says "it doesn't matter if you only workout 2 times a week as long as you do it for the next 20 years"

Herein-below are some tips that work for most people I train as a Personal Trainer in the gym.

“ Wearing that training shoes after work”

After office just by simply switching work shoes to Training shoes make a big difference in how you feel especially if that shoe is very comfy

“Taking pre-workout drinks 30 minutes before gym time”

While in the office a pre-workout drink before punching out will make you feel like you’re ready to go, the rushing of energy to your body is amazing

“A text from awesome Personal Trainer”

When I know I have a booked session It’s quite hard to ditch the session when I paid for it I don’t want to waste that money plus someone is expecting me to come it’s harder to say No

“Looking forward to Getting pumped “

I always like the feeling of getting pumped after the workouts it’s feels very good

“Closer Gym location “

It’s hard to miss a workout when the gym is so close by only like walking distance or along the way you will pass by the gym

“Workout buddy “

When I have someone going for the same goal I feel like obligated to be at the gym at the agreed time

“Having inspiration inside the gym”

Whether it’s a mixed gym with a lot of hot girls or simply looking forward to seeing someone inspiring makes a difference

“Group Training buddies “

When you’re surrounded by competitive individuals it makes the workout manageable with all the smiles and high five's you look forward to the next one.

“Trying shorter workout programs”

I feel like if I follow a workout schedule I have to finish it and it helps me to look forward and get excited about the next plan

“Buying new workout gears”

Whether it’s a Training shoe, gloves or compression pants, shorts or shirts makes me excited to keep going to the gym to try it

These are just a few of what my clients have shared that works for them in staying motivated in their gym life.

What about you? What works for you in the gym? comment on your tips below.

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