Is running expensive?

So how much running cost?

I was running today and I notice how people run with their gadgets, gears, and clothing apparel and I realize it cost them a good amount of cash. So I look into my gears and apparel and decided to check how much it cost especially this winter season where you have to be well covered enough to enjoy running outside.

Lucky for me most of my running gears are freebies or sponsored by my clients and friends.

If you ever wonder how much it will cost you to start running, Here’s my breakdown to get an idea I'll divide it into 2 categories the Essentials and Non-essentials along with their average prices in KWD & USD.

Essentials for Winter Running

Running shoes 30KWD or 99USD

Running socks 7KWD or 23USD

Winter Compression pants 16KWD or 53USD

Winter Long Sleeve compression shirt 7KWD or 23USD

Running Jersey 5KWD or 16USD

Nonessentials Extra gears (unnecessary but it's great to have)

Wireless Bluetooth headset 32KWD or 106USD

Apple Sport Watch 100KWD or 331USD

My Zone heart rate monitor 35KWD or 116USD

Slim running belt 7KWD or 23USD

Energy gels 0.800Fills or 2.7USD each

You see a lot of you might find this as expensive sports if you look at the amount of these gears and apparel, but the question is are they really necessary?

My answer to that is... it always depends, for a newbie to start running they can start running from whatever they have already it only requires training shoes and a jacket to keep you warm during winter and you are good to go.

But for some who are already running for a while, they will discover that proper apparels help them to run more for comfort, easiness and enjoy running more so they invest in these gears as their finances will allow. (Just don't go broke for this please..)

Remember that it all comes down to personal preferences, some guys will be just fine running with whatever they have and some guys are always looking for the best apparels out there whichever the case at the end of the day it’s still running.

My bias opinion is that if you can afford it get it, if not as my fitness mentor says don't sweat the small details or if you feel like it's good to have it maybe saving will help or if you’re lucky enough to have generous friends they might be happy to assist you in your new hobby. (Ask and it will be given to you?..) It’s still better to invest in something that will benefit your health and fitness in the long run.

Take note that it’s a one time purchase only and you can use it for the next 2-4 years depending on how frequently you’re utilizing it.

A final thought on what cost you to run is the Time, the time you spent or invest is worthy as the benefits of running is massive so if you ask me if you should invest in running or not?, of course, I will say a BIG yes, it only requires first your time and that is something that we all have.

Enjoy running and if you like to share what is your favorite apparels or gears for running share it at the comments below.

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