Why bicep curls helps guys lose weight?

Bicep Curls

I had this experience in the gym where one of my client's favorite exercises is the biceps curl, and during our training session, he always wanted to finish it with barbell curls or dumbbells. Nothing is wrong with that, except base on what I know the calories burned with that exercise is lesser compared to doing the compound exercise like deadlifts, barbell squats, and bench presses.

I told him that compound lifts give better results since he needs to drop body fats to improve his body composition. He agreed with me of course, after all, He hired me as his trainer.

My philosophy with training is that you have to get stronger to change your body composition so I was never a big fan of biceps curl but it’s one of the most favorite exercises for gym-goers. I am a big believer of compound lifts I always go for a bigger move than an isolated exercise like the biceps curls.

Bigger moves or compound lifts require more muscles thus burning more calories during and after the workout which helps you lose fat or gain muscles.

Now the question is why do biceps curls help guys lose weight....?

It's because it makes someone keep coming to the gym, the more they come to the gym the better they developed the habits of getting into the gym which increases the chances of them reaching their Fitness goals.

Imagine this scenario let's call him Mr. Jones:

Mr. Jones just finished the work he went home feeling stressed out, he knows he needs to shed off the stress or else it will eat him alive. So he laces up and went to the gym to do bicep curls which are his favorite.

Now it might be just simple bicep curls but the impact of it on his body is enough for him to feel happy thus preventing his body to accumulate fats due to stress, remember stress can affect someone's body composition due to the increasing level of Cortisol.

That biceps curl changes everything from feeling stress out to feeling awesome and that my friend is what biceps curls do to guys like Mr. Jones.

For most of the guys, seeing their biceps pumped in the mirror looking big not only boosts their confidence, so as their feeling of accomplishment.

Now that's very addictive and it's something you can not get from sitting on the couch.

That client I had before didn't come back it could be due to other reasons as well but I know I was stubborn enough not to do bicep curls in our sessions, I believed it was a something he would appreciate if I let him do it.

It was a lesson learned for my training sessions but What I like to emphasize here now is that if you are a guy who works out in the gym right now, I want you to find that exercise that makes you feel good and stick with it whatever it is, either biceps curls or weight lifting or running because when life throws at you which it always does your favorite exercise can make the difference.

What about you do you like bicep curls? or What is your favorite exercise? Comment below.

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