Would you challenge yourself?

Triathlon is coming again to Kuwait soon.

This means for me to get back on training days. I am happy to know that this sport in Kuwait is growing every year.

Whenever I share my story of completing a sports event like this some people ask me back “so did you win or what’s your place or how much is the price? and I always find myself explaining to them that it has nothing to do with winning the first place at all. I cannot blame them with this kind of mentality as most of us when we were kids we always look forward to winning or the rewards in every game we played.

Well, this is not the case for adults unless you're a professional athlete but for most of us, this is a lifestyle choice. Those people who dare to swim, bike, and run are always a winner. The price they got for training and completing the triathlon is priceless.

The time committed to training as early as 4 am is something that not everyone is willing to do it. Not only the time but financially prepared as well is worth mentioning.

I did my first triathlon in the year 2013, before that event I have prepared myself and build up the needed discipline to accomplish what I thought before was a difficult task. Don’t get me wrong, it is difficult at first like any other task where you feel the uncertainty. But with enough courage and support, the task is easier.

The most difficult part for me with this sport is swimming. I had no idea how to swim properly so I did few sessions with a swim coach, it took me almost 3 months before I managed to get the sweet spot in swimming that means you can swim with no breathing issues anymore.

By October 2013 with a group of newbies that I train with we did our first triathlon, it was awesome it was a Big achievement worth celebrating for. It's one of those days where you feel proud of what you did.

I can still remember the first like it was yesterday, fast forward 4 years after I have few colleagues who are doing their first triathlon next month and I saw myself to them when I started the sport, the passion, the preparation, the excitement, the expenses, the training hours, the injuries, the recovery, the selfies, of course, the FB status, the celebrations after training was done, it's a different feeling.

What I like to highlight here is that taking a challenging journey like triathlon spices up your life. Our body is capable of doing things you thought was impossible. You will be amazed at how your body will change, the way you think, the energy you feel during the day, the feeling of achieving something you can be proud of. Give that feeling to yourself you deserved it.

What physical challenges do you like to try this year?

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