How to stick with your fitness training

This is Bader finishing our session with 2 minutes' planking.

Planking position

What I wanted to share with you today is the conversation I had with him yesterday on how he measures his achievement in fitness training.

Me: Bader so far you've maintained your body composition, you know you can get leaner right?

Bader: Yes I know and as I told you there are things that I cannot do right now like dropping my weekend treat, but I'm feeling great so far.

Me: What is it that you're grateful so far?

Bader: You know I have this pain in my upper back before and I just notice that it's gone now and if I stop working out I will have that pain again. Now, I can move my body better with no pain, I can run, I can lift weights, I can play football on weekends and I can eat normally.

If you can notice he did not mention how he lose weight or how his muscles have grown, What he is grateful for is how he felt and do things now. Most of the time when someone asks us what is our fitness goal we usually say (lose weight, gain muscles, reduce waistline, reduce belly). We need to change that into a bigger picture like what Bader did.

Everyone is capable of starting a fitness routine the question is can they stick with it? Most of the time they stop it when they don't see what they like to see in the mirror. Instead of seeing, why not focus on how you feel and do things now.

Below are the indicators that I usually ask my clients to help them stick with our fitness training.

-Level of energy (how you feel waking up in the morning) -Quality of sleep (how is your sleep) -Mental or Focus (how alert are you) -Sex Drive (Is your partner more attractive to you now?) -Posture (Do you feel taller) -Confidence (Do you feel stronger) -Cardio (Walk or Run is easier) -Attitude (Happier) -Body pains (Less or no more pain)

If you feel that you have it, you are on the right track keep going.

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