What about your sleep?

Finally, I'm back on track...not only with lifting weights so as my body clock or sleeping pattern. I was struggling with sleeping time since I got back here from a short break.

Traveling from Point A to Point B with a different time zone, you usually suffer from a Jet Lag. Your sleeping pattern gets disrupted due to your new environment and it may take a few days before it can adopt.

As a Personal Trainer, I deal with clients who travel frequently and our sessions usually put on hold due to Jet Lag.

What I like to highlight here is the importance of sleeping patterns to achieve your fitness goals whether it's for losing weight or gaining muscles. I have clients who worked in shifts and to tell you the truth they don't get that results compared to the clients with a better sleeping pattern.

"In your fitness goals, a good sleeping pattern is one of the keys to take care of".

Working with clients who have this kind of lifestyle due to their careers or profession needs a strategic approach on my side. I can't train them like the guys who have a better working schedule, giving them a challenging exercise without adequate sleep will be counterproductive to their fitness goals.

What I usually do with them is we sit down and plan out their entire week schedule and see which day or time we can set a workout session that they are more likely to have a better sleep. I do suggest some food and supplement that can help them sleep better, some techniques that can be applied to their daily routines before bedtime.

What about you how is your sleeping pattern?

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