What's your priority?

This is my son with my dad coaching him how to ride a bike for the first time.

As I was watching my dad patiently teaching my son, I realized that I could have done this long time ago, but I didn't do it, to be honest, It wasn't my priority back then. It's either I was too busy or simply finds it was harder than I thought I gave up the first time I saw my son struggling with it.

My Dad taught my son within a few hours only and it was amazing how my son did it. I was impressed too on how my dad had that kind of energy at the age of 61 (God Bless Him👼).

My dad supposed to do some errands but, when he learned that my son still doesn't know how to ride a bike he commits himself to teach my son today, he took an old bike from the backyard went to the bike shop for some repairs came back happily and taught my son bike 101🚴‍♂️. Today my son can ride a bike on his own. (pizza for everyone 😂)

What I can learn from this is that nobody is too busy it's a matter of priorities. When you commit yourself to do that goal or task it may be from your personal development, business, careers, or fitness related goals from losing weight and getting stronger you can do it as long as you prioritize it. How about you what's your priority today?

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