Ideal for busy people like businessman and professionals who knows the importance of exercising but lack the discipline to do it regularly.


Hiring a Coach would assure that they get a regular exercise 3 - 4 times a week to help them stay energetic and to keep their body in better shape to attract more success.

Successful people usually are fitter.

VIP coaching

Ideal for people who are stuck now at home and wanted to start exercising to change their body shape and avoid gaining weight. 


Programs are delivered through the apps that are easy to follow using body weights only and can be done inside your home.

their body shape and avoid gaining weight. 

Online coaching

Be part of an exclusive community online where you can interact with awesome people who have the same fitness goals.

Everyone is sharing their workout experiences and are happy to share their wins and progress along the way. It is helpful to stay motivated and feel supported by people who want you to succeed.

Being part of a positive environment makes it easier to get in better shape.

Group coaching

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