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Active Lifestyle Coaching

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In person coaching

For those who are in Kuwait only.

Coach Mark and his team offers an exclusive 30 minutes or a 1-hour training session.

Sessions are Fitness training, Weight lifting, and Boxing for fitness which will help you lose weight or getting healthier. 

Sessions can be done for home services or in our private training space in Salmiya


Online coaching

Ideal for people who needs a structured exercise program that they can follow at home.

These programs are customized base on your available gym equipment or using bodyweights only.

This includes weekly calls to ensure proper communications with a professional coach.

Ideally, it's like having a friend who guides your fitness wherever you are.

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Hybrid coaching

This coaching is a mixture of online and in-person training.

Great for those who are in Kuwait who cannot afford to train regularly with In-person, but wanted to have an accountability coach online to ensure that fitness program is continued for a longer period of time.

Hybrid is once a week or more In-person training while downloading the exclusive fitness app program that is customized for you only.

Chere's what they say about Fitmarky
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