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Boxing Focus-Mitt workshop


Coach Mark Ginther

In this 1-Day Workshop


❶ The basic boxing punches (the     better you understand, the better you can teach your clients).

❷ How to properly hold the mitts (for your safety, as well as your client’s).

❸ Effective routines for, Fat-Burning, Muscle Strength/Tone, Cardio.

❹ How to progress from the simple to the complex.

❺ How to structure a lesson.

…And more

Date: Friday, July 5

Time: 10am - 3pm

Cost: 70kd

● Increase Your Knowledge and Skills

● Add to Your Training Repertoire

● Increase Client Satisfaction/Retention

● Increase Earning Potential

About the Instructor:

Coach Mark Ginther has coached top professional fighters in the USA, Japan and Thailand (including UFC heavyweight contender, Mark Hunt), and has written for many of the top publications in the industry.

His training manual, K.O. Power – Complete Strength Training for Devastating Punches, Kicks and Throws, is an Amazon Bestseller (reaching #5 in MMA and #1 in Boxing).

He has trained and sparred with some of the greats, including UFC champions, Maurice Smith and Josh Barnett.

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