lose weight while at home

With the quarantine situation, you are stuck at your home and find yourself eating more out of boredom. You are aware that this is bad and it will definitely lead you to have an undesirable body shape. 

The worse part is if you're already in bad shape this quarantine can potentially double your weight or change your clothes size up to 1 or 2, certainly, you wouldn't like that aren't you?

You know deep inside that you have to exercise to avoid that from happening so you tried exercising a couple of days a week, doing some of your friends' recommendations like doing abs exercises and etc.

It was great at first for a couple of days or weeks but then you find yourself unmotivated to exercise and you lack the discipline to continue so you get back to your old self and do nothing.

Does this sound like you?

If it is then

The situation I described here is very common to a lot of people it's called your lower-self wins or the version of yourself that wanted to keep you from getting better. Most people fail to continue because they let their lower-self take over when they try to exercise again. Our lower-self doesn't want us to change because change is unknown and our lower-self doesn't like that.

So how can you assure that you can regularly exercise to change your body shape?

The answer is to let our higher-self win all the time.


To win you should have a strategy. There are 2 ways on how to do it.

1."Use Integration not Motivation" 

This means your motivation is not enough you have to play smarter than that. Motivation fades away and is not dependable because life is unfair and it will hit you harder on some days which will push you back to do nothing. Integration is more effective, meaning your exercise plan is connected to your regular routines, in this way you take away the thinking process of whether you do it or not and you simply do it.



This means having someone to hold you accountable for your exercise plan. 

*Hiring a Fitness professional that you can relate and have the results that you want.

*Find a friend who will help you to exercise together as a partner.

*Join a group with similar goals in your community or online.

Doing it alone is not sustainable as very few people can achieve their fitness goals like having a better body shape without someone's help. If you need results to be willing to ask for help, it's not actually because you're too dumb not to know how to exercise but having someone to give you a push when you're not feeling it and to achieve your goals faster.

These 2 strategies I've shared here are part of my Online Home-based Coaching program.

So What is Online Home-Base Coaching?

It is a customized exercise plan that is delivered using our exclusive mobile apps that can only be downloaded by invitation.

This will help you have a structure of what exercise you do at home that you can integrate easily in your regular days. It will also give you accountability since your coach will follow up with you regularly to make sure that you are doing your exercise plans.

Is this something that you can do?

We have a 14-day trial program that you can do now.                                             

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