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Services offered


Private sessions 

If you are the type of person who is not motivated to exercise and wanted to lose weight because you don't like the way you look in the mirror it is ideal for you to hire a Personal Coach to help you get committed. Or you tried exercising before but did not see great results instead of figuring out how to exercise properly you wasted 3 months and still did not get the results that you wanted, hiring a knowledgeable Coach can help you save time and get the results you want. Private sessions require an investment from you financially, time and effort.


Group sessions

If you are tight on a budget but still wanted to exercise to lose weight we offer group training sessions base on our schedule. Group training is fun and you will be part of our active lifestyle community of people who are having the same goal as you. 


Online Coaching

If you are a self-motivated individual and confident that you can exercise alone then this is great for you. Online Coaching will help you have a structured exercise schedule that will help you lose weight by exercising in your home or in a gym that you subscribe.

The exercise program is mainly design base on your current lifestyle, skill, experience, and budget.


For Trainers-Gym Instructors-Coaches


Boxing Workshop Level 1

This will help you teach boxing routines that you can give to your clients for them to have fun and exciting sessions with you, also it will add extra income as boxing is one of the most in-demand exercise routines that the clients are willing to pay. This workshop is highly recommended to those trainers who are looking to have an advantage in their field of coaching.


Kickboxing Workshop Level 1

This will help you learn how to coach clients properly on kicking and boxing. This exercise routine will surely make your advance clients excited to train with you. This is highly recommended for Coaches who want to take their clients to the next level.


Fitness Business Workshop 

This is for those Trainers-Coaches-Personal Trainers who are struggling with how to sell their services to the clients. Your most important skill is to know how to offer and sell your services to your customers if they are not buying your services then you cannot apply your coaching. If you want to get a better income you need to learn how to sell your coaching services. This is a 1-day event that will help you understand how clients decide in buying your services.


For Gym Owners

We can offer substitute gym classes that can help you operate still when your coaches are not available. We have a network of Freelance Coaches from different fields like Yoga, Boxing, Kick-boxing, Martial Arts, Zumba, Dancing, etc. Kindly contact us of what are you looking for and we will be happy to assist you.


We also have partnerships of different Training Organizations that can help your team enhance their current skills to help your business. Your team is your most valuable assets and it makes sense to invest in their skills if you are keen on reaching your quaterly or annual sales.